Adventure park

Adventure park

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

The Adventure begins at the rental of Activity Park, on the western side of fell Levi. You are dressed up with safety equipment (harness and helmet). 

SANTA'S ZIP LINE MARATHON: The Marathon consists of ten ziplines, the longest being over 100 meters long. There are also adventure courses to experience between the ziplines. The first zipline begins at 12 meters high from where you move forward doing several flies and elements. On your way you will meet Santa´s Cabin - this time above all at height of 10 meters. The heights of the ziplines is 7 to 12 meters. The total length of the marathon is 888 meters Required minimum height is 150 cm and weight 45kg. 

ADVENTURE COURSES: adventures next to fell pond offering several courses from easy to challenging ones. Fun activity which does not require earlier experience of climbing. The minimum height for adventures is 120 cm . Two training courses available according to amount of customers. To access the higher adventure courses you will need to go first through the lower training course You may choose your adventure level according to your courage. The most challenging courses take you up to 8 meters. During the courses you get to taste few fun ziplines.

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